Family Office

ROPAN Multi-Family Office is a separate service of ROPAN which supports wealthy families with the management, organisation and maintenance of their wealth.

As a professional multi-family office, ROPAN offers services in wealth planning and wealth management, family governance and administration services, charity and philanthropy services, real estate property services, aircraft and boat services, business development and private equity services, trustee and corporate services, asset management services and travel arrangement services.

These services are either offered in-house at ROPAN Multi-Family Office or through coordinated and dedicated external partners. Other services may be added according to your family personal needs and every service comes at a required level of price.

ROPAN Multi-Family Office is professionally engaged to manage your family wealth. Once your wealth is so substantial that it is too complex to manage by yourself, when it takes up too much time to manage or you just do not have the capacity and/or knowledge to manage or when several generations are involved with building on the continuing legacy for future generations.