Private Equity

In 2015 we formerly established ROPAN Private Equity (RPE), which is a private equity firm connecting entrepreneurs, investors and projects by raising capital from available internal funds, institutional investors, private individual funds and Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF).

This raised capital is utilised on the instruction of the investors to invest into private companies seeking improvement and growth.

RPE strategy is not only to work in with those companies as a co-investor and co-partner but to co-manage the strategic planning and implementation by placing emphasis and focus on the long term business fundamentals of the companies.

RPE brings together available financial and human resources to co-invest, co-partner and co-manage companies on behalf of the investors.

RPE attempts to work in with companies valued at between $2m and $50m with potential turnover commensurate with the valuation target across the food, hospitality, export, manufacturing, property development and hotel sectors

With each RPE investment:

  1. We seek to understand and define the role RPE will play in each investment to ensure we’re able to fulfil our responsibility to the company, its people and the investors;
  2. We actively manage the company by undertaking regular reviews of strategy, activity and corporate advice;
  3. We continue to work with our institutional networks and resources across capital markets, sales, marketing, purchasing and technology platforms;
  4. We constantly monitor and evaluate our relationships, and position and exit alternatives with all our co-partners and investment companies;
  5. As businesses are acquired or invested into, we continue to add value. We review and advise on ways to create further liquidity, manage assets, and restructure where appropriate. To do this, we review all offers and provisions at the time and provide clear and effective communication of such provisions. This is crucial to the initial and ongoing success of such assets, and the people operating within those assets.
Sovereign Wealth Funds
Investing into RPE project can benefit a SWF by using RPE’s insight and expertise to find an acceptable private equity project that can help the SWF realise a greater return on a nation’s wealth over and above the national economic growth through such projects. By separating a portion of a nation’s wealth from the real economy and placing it into certain private equity projects. This creates national macroeconomic stability, which benefits a nation’s citizens.
Additionally committing the wealth of the SWF to longer-term ROPAN Private Equity investment projects, rather than shorter-term political commitments. Capturing the benefits of investing directly into important ROPAN Private Equity projects such as food security, hospitality, tourism, real estate and potentially national infrastructure development.

Private Equity Partners