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Is financial advice right for me?

Conversation on Wealth — Episode 1: Is financial advice right for me?

Welcome to ‘Conversations on Wealth’ — a podcast series that explores financial complexities and modern strategies for the discerning investor – Brought to you ROPAN Financial Services.In our first episode, we get to know our hosts Jason Panozzo-Tile and Rodney Gilham, founders of ROPAN Financial Services Group, and a little about their cumulative experience over the years helping people of all ages as they seek financial independence.

We discuss questions many people may be asking themselves, such as: How important is a consistent financial strategy? Are you a smart and planned investor, or are you jumping from one fad to another? We hear about how timing matters based on your stage of life, and your willingness to expose yourself to risk, and how exposure to the share market, or digital currencies might affect someone’s investment plans. How has COVID-19 shaped the markets and financial management?

We’ll talk about the premise of getting investment advice in general —when is it a good time? What might you look for in a financial advisor? How does advice change throughout someone’s life? How do you navigate the investment market when there’s so many products out in the field?It’s a complicated world as our hosts will explore. The land of financial advice, with lots of shamans and opinions can be hard to navigate. For some trustworthy, open, experience dialogue and debate, tune into future episodes of ‘Conversations on Wealth’ with host John, and advisors Rodney and Jason to educate yourself and make some informed decisions for your and your families financial wellbeing.


Discussions within this podcast are of a general nature and do not constitute personal financial and investment advice. It is of critical importance to seek your own independent professional advice before making any investment decisions appropriate to your personal financial needs, situation and objectives.