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The essence of long term investment — Part 2

Welcome to ‘Conversations on Wealth’ — a podcast series that explores financial complexities and modern strategies for the discerning investor. Brought to you by ROPAN Financial Services founders and advisors Jason Panozzo-Tile and Rodney Gilham, who share their cumulative years of experience helping people of all ages as they seek financial independence.

In part two we continue the conversation on the many long term investment strategies and options available to the modern investor. Of course, what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another —thus the question is, what kind of investor are you? Strategic? Tactical? Future focussed, or something in between?And how has the COVID pandemic affected the outlook?

With superannuation as the king of the long-term safety-first strategy, we explore themes around other safe, traditional investment models like property or fund based shares, compared to more speculative assets such as crypto-currencies, rare collectibles, as well as common investments like shares, businesses and more.

The land of financial advice, with lots of shamans and opinions can be hard to navigate. For trustworthy, open, and experienced dialogue and debate, tune into future episodes of ‘Conversations on Wealth’ with host John, and advisors Rodney and Jason to educate yourself and make some informed decisions for you and your families financial wellbeing. Don’t forget, if you’d like to discuss any of these topics further, feel free to contact Rodney or Jason direct through our website,

Disclaimer: Discussions within this podcast are of a general nature and do not constitute personal financial and investment advice. It is of critical importance to seek your own independent professional advice before making any investment decisions appropriate to your personal financial needs, situation and objectives.