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What constitutes a quality advisor?

Conversations on Wealth — Episode 2: What constitutes a quality advisor?

It’s our pleasure to present another episode of our podcast series ‘Conversations on Wealth’ where we explore financial complexities and modern strategies for the discerning investor.

Every industry professional has an opinion about what it takes to be the best in their industry —financial advice is no different. In our second episode, we ask Rodney and Jason, just what does it take to be a quality financial advisor in these modern times? What is best practice? What do the best advisors do to keep their tools sharper than others?

In this episode we’ll talk about the pathways people take to become a financial advisor, in particular, the educational standards, ongoing training and changing world of increased compliance. We touch on how it was done in the past, the various changes to remuneration structures over the years, and explore if things have changed for the better. For trustworthy, open, experience dialogue and debate, tune into future episodes of ‘Conversations on Wealth’ with host John, and advisors Rodney and Jason to educate yourself and make some informed decisions for you and your families financial wellbeing.


Discussions within this podcast are of a general nature and do not constitute personal financial and investment advice. It is of critical importance to seek your own independent professional advice before making any investment decisions appropriate to your personal financial needs, situation and objectives.